Key Highlights

Effective modern audit technique
Trained staff with senior supervision
Latest technologies and processes
International experience
Real time business analysis

Ethical Code of Conduct

Swarup & Associates always operates ethically including international bribery and money laundering laws and abide by the code of conduct approved by ICAI and applies to all businesses and to all staff (permanent, temporary or on contract) engaged to work within or on behalf of the group. It applies in all jurisdictions in which the group operates regardless of local laws or culture. 

Staff must not solicit business by offering any bribe, unorthodox or unofficial personal payment to customers or potential customers.

Staff must not accept any kind of bribe, unorthodox or unusual payment or inducement that would not be authorized by  Swarup & Associates in the ordinary course of business.
Staff must clearly refuse any bribe or unorthodox payment and must do so in a manner that can lead to no misunderstanding or false expectation; and to report any such offers to line management and to group risk & business assurance immediately.  Staff must report any breaches of this policy or of any applicable law even if by doing so they have to disclose their own wrongdoing.  
Swarup & Associates expects its business partners, suppliers and contractors to act with integrity and without thought or actions involving bribery and corruption and will, where appropriate, include clauses to this effect in contracts offered to any such third parties. 
Swarup & Associates and its staff will not make direct or indirect contributions to political parties, organizations or individuals engaged in politics, as a way of obtaining advantage in business transactions. Swarup & Associates will publicly disclose all its political contributions. 
Swarup & Associates will ensure that charitable contributions and sponsorships are not used as a subterfuge for bribery. Swarup & Associates will publicly disclose all its charitable contributions and sponsorships. 
Compliance with this ethical code of business conduct (and the policy that it forms an integral part of) is mandatory for all staff (including directors) and Swarup & Associates will apply appropriate sanctions for violations of this code and the policy. 
Security Techniques and Procedures:

Swarup & Associates ensures optimum protection of your data by encompassing within purview, the following techniques and procedures security techniques and procedures:

a) Confidentially non-disclosure agreement
b) Establishment of network level firewalls
c) Restricted access to personal email accounts
d) External media devices blocked at workstation level
a) Performance and appraisal of regular security audits
b) Daily back up of data and storage at secure off-site location
c) Regular weekly virus checking
d) Existence of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to cover any unforeseen eventualities
Our Values
1. Integrity: (honesty, accuracy, trustworthy and confidence) with stakeholders:
  • Towards staff – objective in recruitment, no discrimination, fair, regular appraisal
  • Towards client – develop trust and honesty
  • Towards tax authorities – not indulge/assist in money laundering e.g. tax avoidance.  This does not preclude us in advising the client with legal basis for tax optimization.
2. Logical and coherent:
  • Logical or natural connection or consistency
  • Common sense approach
  • Crisp, sharp and to the point, well thought out
  • Objective and rational
3. Efficient and value adding:
  • No wastage
  • Productive
  • Actions which are value additive
4. Safety and security:
  • Safe and secure working environment
  • Not put anyone in harm’s way
  • Proactive towards safety
  • Comply with all law